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Disney gal quiz


[ ] You have/had long blonde hair

[x] You constantly day dream of another world

[x] You have an active imagination

[x] You’re very curious

[/] you try to show off your knowledge (depends on what it is, and if I'm with stupid people who don't know what they're talking about. :I)

[ ] you are polite or talk very formally

[x] you don’t like books without pictures

[x] you love or have a cat

[x] you tend to act more mature than your age

[ ] You have been called that you’re mad or not right of your head

Total: 6 1/2


[ ] you have/had long red hair

[x] your curiosity have led you into trouble

[ ] you have a father who doesn’t understand you and you often break his rules

[x] You are a romantic and often your head is on the clouds

[x] you’re adventurous & curious over the world

[ ] you prefer sea animals over any other kind of animal

[x] you’re impulsive & sometimes stubborn

[x] you’re headstrong & strong willed

[ ] you believe in love at first sight

[/] you are willing to change who you are for the one you love (depends on what is being questioned to change)

Total: 5 1/2


[ ] you have/had long blond hair

[x] you have been called “very beautiful” by others

[x] you are a hopeless romantic

[x] you love to sleep

[ ] you are graceful & lovely

[/] you have a very beautiful voice (I TOOK OPERA LESSONS FOR A REASON /sob)

[ ] you’re a bit naive or innocent of the world around you

[ ]  you are adopted

[ ] you prefer forest animals over any kind of animals

[x] you are very kind to others

Total: 4 1/2


[ ] you have/had medium brown hair

[ ] you love to read & you are consider book smart

[x] you are outspoken and a free thinker

[x] you value character on people over beauty or wits

[/] you don’t judge a book by its covers (sometimes it's hard not to aoifoaisfn)

[x] people have called you odd

[x] you have at least one eccentric relatives

[ ] many have called you a “beauty”

[x] you are very protective over the one you love

[x] you very passionate over your interest

Total: 6 1/2


[ ] you have/had short blond hair

[ ] you live with cruel relative

[x] you are forced to do horrible chores (HURRHURR)

[ ] you’re hard working

[x] you love to sing and to dream of better days

[x] you prefer pets’ animals/farm animals of any other kind of animals

[ ] you are an orphan

[x] you are optimistic & cheerful

[x] you have been called sweet or kind

[ ] you don’t speak for yourself or you’re a little submissive

Total: 6


[ ] you have/had long wavy black hair

[ ] you are fearless & streetwise

[/] you defend others who can’t defend themselves or are been treated cruelty (If I am able to, I try my best!!)

[x] you are or have been called “outcast”

[x] you are selfless and only think the misfortune of others

[x] you value freedom

[ ] you love or do tarot cards, read palms or similar things

[ ] you love to mock others especially authority or guards or those who are cruel

[x] you have a “sex” appeal

[x] you had a bad experience with someone who was obsessed with you

Total: 5 1/2


[x] you have/had a long brown hair

[x] you’re talkative & sometimes talk fast

[x] you’re charming & winsome

[ ] you prefer jungle animals especially gorillas over any other kind of animals

[ ] you talk formally or proper

[x] you love or do some sort of art

[ ] you live with your father

[x] you sometimes talk to yourself

[x] one of your parents is dead

[x] you value the wildlife

Total: 7


[ ] you have/had very long black hair

[x] you prefer love over wealth

[x] you long freedom or adventure

[x] people consider you a rebel

[ ] you have a relative who want you to do something you don’t want to

[ ] you have/had run away from home

[x] you’re stubborn and willful

[x] you'd love to or have a pet tiger

[x] people consider you clever or intelligent

[ ] you’re kind of beauty is consider “exotic”

Total: 6


[ ] you have/had long white hair

[ ] you are brave or physically skilled

[x] you’re curious of the history of your family/people

[x] you are caring & kind

[/] you are willing to sacrifice your life for your loved ones (uhm I am a coward, but it all really depends)

[x] you’re eager to know the things you don’t know of

[x] you have witness the loss of a loved one

[ ] you are curious of those who are different from you

[x] you are very trusting

[/] you are healer or likes to heal others (I want to be, but I don't always know what to do, lol)

Total: 6


[ ] you have/had long black hair

[x] you live or likes to live in Hawaii

[ ] you lost your parents at a young age

[x] people consider you weird or eccentric

[ ] you love to photograph especially things normally people won’t photograph

[x] you love to listen to Elvis Presley music

[ ] you love to surf

[x] you have an older sister whom you live with

[x] you have obscure or weird tastes

[/] you value family above all (I consider friends as family, but I know they aren't, lol)

Total: 5 1/2


[x] you have/had long brown hair

[x] you are independent

[x] you have been burn by “love”

[x] you’re sarcastic & quick witted

[ ] you’re cynical and don’t trust others easily

[x] people consider you sassy

[x] you’re flirtatious

[ ] you live by yourself

[x] you are afraid of heights

[ ] you’re hesitant on trusting others

Total: 6


[ ] you have/had long black hair

[x] you love the Native American culture

[ ] you love the environment and often defend it

[x] other considers you wise beyond your years

[ ] you are more spiritual than religious

[/] people consider you noble or selfless

[x] you are free-spirited

[x] you’re adventurous & playful

[ ] You are aware of your dreams and often let it guide you

[ ] you have an exotic beauty

Total: 4 1/2


[x] you have dyed hair color

[/] you have an overprotective mother who doesn’t let you see the world outside (kind of, hahaha, orz;;)

[/] you’re daring & brave (depends on what we're doing)

[ ] you’re energetic & spirited

[x] you love art or astronomy

[x] you’re independent and don’t need others to take care of you or defend you

[x] you’re sarcastic or witty

[ ] you are a bit naive of the world around you

[/] you’re charming or charismatic (depends on who I'm with!)

[x] you’re very determined to make your dreams comes true

Total: 6 1/2


[x] you have/had short black hair

[/] you are consider gentle & sweet (I'm not always "gentle"...)

[x] you are also very kindhearted

[/] you’re juvenile or childish

[x] you have others who envy your beauty (>:I)

[x] you are very gullible & too trusting that others sometimes takes advantage of you

[x] you love to sing and to be with forest animals

[x] you are joyful & cheerful

[x] you are motherly to those who are younger than you

[x] you are consider “adorable” or “cute” to others

Total: 9 (... I hit every single one HAHAHA)


[x] you’re motivated & determined

[x] you are willing to go through hard work to achieve your dream

[x] you love to cook or to own a restaurant

[/] you don’t like to ask for help (I'm willing to, and it depends what with)

[x] you are respectful to others

[/] you don’t give up easily

[ ] you often too busy doing hard work to have fun

[x] you don’t believe in wishes, you do the things on your own

[x] you are very persistent even if others don’t believe in you

[x] you are humble & grateful

Total: 8


[x] you love to dream

[x] you love to tell stories

[ ] you have 2 younger brothers

[ ] you have a caring but strict father

[/] you don’t want to grow up

[x] you have a vivid imagination

[x] you are dreamy & imaginative

[/] you’re responsible & polite

[x] you are very motherly & protective

[x] you are a romantic

Total: 7



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